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Marketing Tips
Tips to improve your website and email campaigns

I just have a small business. Why do I need a website?

Professional Image

  • Legitimize your business as a going concern and/or create impression of larger business. Adding customer testimonials will further increase credibility.
  • A customer trying to decide which company to contact may be swayed to do business with the firm large enough to have a website
  • Increasingly, businesses that do not have websites are perceived as not serious about the business, sometimes not even trustworthy.

Increase Sales

  • The majority of local purchases begin with an online search. Make sure your business is found in local searches with Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Increase sales and reduce selling time and effort of products that need to be seen. Even sales of custom-made items can be aided by having a gallery of similar items to help give people ideas.
  • Many people find a website as a non-threatening way to investigate a new idea or new business. A timid customer might not make a phone call out of curiosity, but would be willing to check out a website, then if interested make the call.

Save Money

  • A website is an inexpensive storefront that's open 24/7 to showcase your business
  • A web site extends your business's print dollar. You can have a smaller print ad with a teaser to get them to go to your website to read more.
  • Unlike having to reprint flyers, brochures price lists etc., a website gives you the ability to continually provide your customers with current information at a minimal cost.

Save Time

  • Reduce the time needed to get information into your customer's hands - even faster and easier than a fax.
  • Save time on face-to-face and telephone education of potential customers. Direct people with inquiries to your website where they can find all the information they are looking for at their convenience.

Improve Customer Service

  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions on your Web site
  • Utilize forms to be completed and submitted for help and/or feedback
  • Password protect information for viewing by selected customers only