“Thank you, Kelly. I still can't believe we pulled this off in one week.  -  5 days.
You are amazing.”

Kathy Fettke, Personal Coach


Need stock photos or a free photo/graphics editor? What about an easy way to remove document formatting before you paste text on your Blog? Here are some helpful or fun resources.


Great free photo editor

Copy/paste text

Create video from photos

Send large files

Share files with Dropbox


We offer a variety of website design services tailored to help small business grow. Regardless of your budget and the size of your original website, we plan for the future by utilizing techniques that will allow your website to grow as your business grows. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

New Website Design

  • Business Card Website - 1 page
    Good starting place for some kinds of businesses, including contact info, hours, directions, etc. May also include photos, company philosophy or introduction. View our website portfolio page to see some recent samples.

  • Brochure Website - 2 - 4 page
    A basic starter website, can be built to grow over time. Provide your customers additional information such as product/service descriptions

  • Marketing/Informational Website - 5+ pages
    Provide detailed product/service information, reducing the need for face-to-face or phone conversations. Showcase use of products/services, awards, promotions and business partnerships.

  • Simple eCommerce Website
    Provide your customers the ability to purchase your products on-line. Sales can be to your existing customers or to new customers finding your site through the search engines. Utilize a variety of tools and techniques to get repeat sales

  • Catalogue Website - dynamic, database driven
    Whether you have outgrown a small eCommerce site or starting a medium sized company, a database driven website can help automate the process of fulfilling orders, tracking inventory and link to such internal systems as sales and accounting

Enhancements to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic can be added to any website

Existing Website Re-design

Transformations come in many sizes and shapes.

  • A face lift to be more visually attractive
  • New navigation to make the site more user-friendly
  • Removal of some sections and/or addition of others
  • Enhancements to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic

Maintenance Packages

  • Monthly maintenance packages
  • Website Orphanage - offsite contract Webmaster for corporations not needing a full time employee

Marketing Consulting

  • Internet marketing plans
  • email campaigns and newsletters
  • general marketing strategies and execution

Logo design